KPBS Follow-Up Interviews on Sequestration

August 26, 2013

Last week KPBS came by the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center to follow-up on the effect that federal across-the-board budget cuts have on low-income seniors in San Diego County.

Proposed cuts to Senior Community Centers’ Meals Program have increased to $233,000 since sequestration first became a reality in March of this year. At a cost of $2.50 per meal, these cuts leave 93,200 meals unfunded. While the gridlock in Washington to figure out the final budget is getting dangerous, Senior Community Centers is committed to serve high quality food and not turn any hungry seniors away.

Empty Plates

Listen to the interview and find out what seniors have to say here:

August 22, 2013 – KPBS Follow-Up Interview on Sequestration

Tale of Two Seniors

November 22, 2011

The disparities in aging illustrated by Alison St John’s KPBS story, “Disparities Clear At Senior Living Communities In San Diego” are realities not just in San Diego but throughout the United States. As we sit down with our family and friends for Thanksgiving day dinner, I hope you consider the many seniors without support or families. I invite you to join Senior Community Centers in our mission to provide them with nutritional meals by becoming a “Food from the heart” family. Read more about this important program>>>

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