Weekend Wrap-up: Reauthorization Delayed

Older Americans Act Reauthorization Delayed

The big news from Friday is the announcement from Senator Sanders (I-VT) office that he’s delaying introducing Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act until 2012.  He emphasizes the importance of Older Americans Act in his reasoning to delay because people are focused on the Fiscal Year 2012 spending bill and extension of the payroll tax holiday. Go to http://www.servingseniors.org/advocacy/key-issues/oaa-reauthorization/ to read the draft version.

Univision San Diego

SCC Vice President of Development, Brent Wakefield appeared on Univision Monday morning to share his “famous” recipe for Tuscan Bean Soup. What makes it more impressive? He hosted his holiday dinner gathering for about 60 people Saturday evening. To create Brent’s soup – click here >>> Tuscan Bean Soup or en Espanol – Sopa Toscana

During his visit he shared with viewers another way to feed people in need – “Food from the Heart” is our program where a family sponsors Senior Community Centers for a day. Understand Spanish? Or just want to see Brent partake in a side-career as a chef, watch the segment now.

Christmas Comes to Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center

On Christmas, I plan to be at the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center as I do most years. It is my extended family and I look forward to it. Yesterday, the seniors at the Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center kicked-off the week with their annual holiday party. There were raffle prizes and gifts given; as seniors enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies. Thank you to all who donated to make this little party a festive celebration.

On a Side Note

Christmas came early for many Chargers fans. Broncos and Raiders lose, Chargers beat up the Ravens to keep our hopes going for another week. Go Chargers!


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