Weekend Wrap Up

I don’t know about you, but this weekend flew by too quickly. Here are few things I want to share with everyone. If you didn’t read the Sunday U-T, they published an op-ed that I wrote about ageism. Read the entire article “Even as a Joke Ageism Isn’t Funny“.todd gloria, paul downey and civic engagement seniors

Seniors First Day in San Diego

Councilman Todd Gloria stopped by to serve seniors and proclaim September 29th, Seniors First Day. During his visit he posted with our civic engagement members and volunteered to serve seniors. Many thanks to Todd and his staff for all they do in our community. Join Seniors First San Diego today!

Food From the Heart

Giving to a good cause, and doing it as a family, is a chance for you and your loved ones, friends and colleagues to reflect on your core values and positively impact your community. Make a difference today and help feed low-income seniors. By becoming a Family of the Day, you will fulfill an important need – providing seniors with nutritious meals. Find out more about Food From the Heart

World Heart Day

Students from SDSU’s College of Nursing donated their time to provide heart health screenings for low-income seniors in honor of World Heart Day. According to the World Heart Federation, if you live to be 70, your heart will have beat 2.5 billion times and the risk of stroke doubles every decade after age 55. Listen, as Paul discusses how this partnership increases heart health awareness >>

And the latest from NANASP Washington Bulletin

Feeding America Releases New Study- Food Banks:  Hunger’s New Staple

Earlier this week, Feeding America released a new study titled, Food Banks:  Hunger’s New Staple.  The study examines the frequency and duration in which people utilize food banks for food assistance and the study found that many people are using food banks not only for emergency food assistance, but for long term use.  A key finding of particular interest is that among the elderly, more than half are becoming long term food pantry users and one out of three recurrent food bank clients are older adults.  To read the complete press release, CLICK HERE.


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